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Eternal Tankless Water Heater

Is It Good To Go Tankless?

Is a tankless water heater the right choice for your home or business? It might be, but there are important factors that you need to consider before making your decision. These factors are not often discussed in advertisements, often leading people in the wrong direction. If your goal is to have a virtual endless supply […]

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Sump Pump Failure

Wait Before Using The Hose

Your Outdoor Faucet Could Be Leaking Inside When the weather starts to turn warmer you might be tempted to break out the hose. But that could be a big mistake if you’re not careful. The garage floor, your car, and the garden have all been waiting patiently for a good bath. But before you turn […]

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Frozen Water Pipes

Keep Your Pipes From Freezing

Keep Your Pipes From Freezing and Damaging Your Home! When water freezes it expands, creating pressure on anything it’s contained in, like metal and copper pipes. The expansion is very powerful and can break or burst the pipes and fittings. Uninsulated pipes located near exterior walls are the most vulnerable to freezing. Here are some […]

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