How to Install Romain Tub Valve on Maax Ella Sleek

Are you trying to learn how to install a roman tub valve on a Maax Ella Sleek? We tried to find a roman bathtub filler with hand sprayer that would install on the deck of a Maax Ella Sleek. After numerous telephone conversations with Maax, and many attempts to find a valve that would work, we were unable to find such a faucet.

How to install roman tub filler on Maax Ella Sleek deck.


Here is one of the many pictures from the Maxx website promoting their Maxx Ella Sleek bathtub where they visualize a roman tub valve with hand sprayer mounted on the deck of a Maax Ella Sleek bathtub.

In their description of benefits, they claim there is, “Ample deck space for versatile faucet installation”. Sure, there’s plenty of deck space, but what good is that when the necessary valve body space below is woefully inadequate?

We have spoken to Maax who told us that the photos on their website of the roman tub valve installed on the Maax Ella Sleek are all fake photographs – meaning, the faucets are not real.

When asked for the name or model number of ANY roman tub filler that would work on their tub, we were told by Maax that there are a number of brands that will work. When pressed for an actual name, they said “We don’t get into that (part of the business)”.

They said they were “sure” that some roman tub valves would work because they sell many of the Maax Ella Sleek tubs and virtually no one has called to ask about this. We asked if it was possible that all of those sales where for over-tub type faucet installations, and they scoffed at the possibility.

We are still trying to locate something even close to the pictures of the Maax Ella Sleek tub with a roman tub valve and hand sprayer mounted on the tub deck. However, we have not been successful.

If anyone knows of such a valve we would like to hear from you.


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2 Responses to How to Install Romain Tub Valve on Maax Ella Sleek

  1. Rose Waddell December 6, 2017 at 9:43 pm #

    I am so glad I have found this article, I was planning on purchasing the Ella Sleek, with the mounted Roman tub filler. I will look for a different tub option .

    • VJ Killian February 2, 2018 at 12:15 pm #

      Glad to help, Rose

      Ultimately, we were able to install a roman tub filler with hand sprayer. The first task was finding a valve set with a valve body diameter small enough to fit within the limited space available. We choose Grohe because we were able to modify the supplies to face downward, thereby allowing us to connect the supplies vertically and crisscrossed, something not possible horizontally due to the space limitations. We also used extra long flexible supplies which allowed us to make the connections above the deck, sliding the assembly into place afterward. This also helps with any future repairs.

      At the end of the day, it’s easy to ‘Photoshop’ virtually any valve onto the Ella Sleek tub. But we believe Maax should refrain from presenting imagery that doesn’t fit real life situations without additional (costly) modifications, or at least they could include a warning of the issue.

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