Wait Before Using The Hose

Frost Proof FaucetYour Outdoor Faucet Could Be Leaking Inside

When the weather starts to turn warmer you might be tempted to break out the hose. But that could be a big mistake if you’re not careful.

The garage floor, your car, and the garden have all been waiting patiently for a good bath. But before you turn the water on to the outdoor faucet, it’s a good idea to first test the pipes to be sure nothing was frozen and broken during the deep freezes we experienced this winter.

Most homes today have frost proof type outdoor faucets that help prevent the water pipes from freezing and breaking. They are designed with a longer stem that actually closes off the water supply back further into the home where it’s nice and warm. There are installed with a slight outward pitch so that any residual water in the faucet shaft can drain out to the outdoors.

When something blocks the residual water from exiting the shaft (usually caused by the garden hose being left attached to the faucet too late into the winter) the water freezes into ice, expands and breaks the piping.

If this has happened, a split in the pipe will leak water inside the house, but only when the faucet is opened, and since you are outside the home, you may not notice the leaking until it’s too late.

A good idea is to have someone stay inside the home (in the basement if you have one) near where the water exits the building. This way, if a leak occurs, they will notice it and you can turn the water back off before any real damage happens.

To find out more about frost proof outside faucets and how they work, feel free to give us a call.

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