Plumbing Services

For over 90 years, VJ Killian Company has proudly offered around-the-clock plumbing repair and installation services to Chicago’s North Shore. Each of our Glenview plumbers is fully licensed and experienced in solving even the most difficult plumbing problems.

Backed by our 100% service and satisfaction guarantee, VJ Killian Company’s Lake Forest plumbers pride themselves in carrying out honest and accurate plumbing work and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you’re in need of plumbing repair or plumbing installation, here are some of the services our Glenview plumbers proudly offer:

Kitchen Faucets, Lavatory Faucets, Tub Valves, Shower Valves, Laundry Faucets, Outdoor Faucets

Do you have a faucet that’s leaking, wasting water and causing damage? The longer it continues to leak, the less likely it can be repaired and you’ll need to install a new faucet. Our Lake Forest plumbers can have the faucet repaired at the first sign of dripping or handle stiffness.

We repair every major brand of kitchen, bathroom, and laundry sink faucet, bathtub and shower valves, and outside faucets. We typically keep replacement parts in stock for Grohe, Kohler, Chicago, Moen, Powers, Gerber, Delta, Legend, Mansfield and more. If we don’t have the parts in stock, our Glenview plumbers can get them quickly, often later the same day. We also sell new faucets at great prices that come with our 100% installation guarantee.


Toilet running or leaking? Most customers are surprised by the amount of water a toilet can waste when it’s barely running, and they don’t notice this until after getting a really high water bill.

Sometimes toilets start leaking under the bowl where it’s not visible. If you see any signs of water staining at the base of the toilet or on the ceiling of the room below, call right away. Even if left unaddressed for just a few days, there is a risk of damage to the wood sub-flooring and supporting materials.

We stock parts to repair all major brands of toilet including Kohler, Toto, American Standard, Mansfield and others. When you’re ready to buy a new toilet, VJ Killian Company’s Winnetka plumbers offer great pricing and our 100% installation guarantee.

Kitchen Sinks, Bathroom Sinks, Bar Sinks, Laundry Sinks

When customers call us to say their sink is leaking it usually turns out to be a drain or faucet problem instead, because sinks don’t leak unless they’re cracked or broken.

Sinks are not usually repairable, so if yours is leaking, you’ll likely need to have it replaced. This can get a little more involved when the sink is an integral part of the counter top, is epoxy glued to stone, or is mounted with a rim called a hoody rim. Hoody is pronounced WHO-DEE, unlike the hooded sweatshirts sometimes spelled that way.

When a sink needs to be replaced the drain is always involved and often the faucet is as well. We are experts at replacing sinks and offer great pricing and of course our 100% installation guarantee.

Water Heaters

If your hot water faucet is pumping out cold water, or if the hot water that comes out only lasts for a few brief moments, chances are there’s a problem with your hot water heater. You might also need Winnetka hot water heater repair when there’s an evident leak around the device, loud noises, or strange odors.

Whether your home uses a conventional water heater powered by gas or electricity, a space-saving tankless water heater, or a hybrid heat pump device, VJ Killian Company offers Lake Forest hot water heater repair, installation, and maintenance. Our plumbing and heating technicians can diagnose and repair issues with hot water heaters of all makes and models. In the event your hot water heater needs to be completely replaced, we also stock a wide variety of leading brands that can be installed at a moment’s notice. Each and every one of our Glenview hot water heater repair or installation services is fully backed by our 100% service guarantee.